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The Club House

The Club House, including also locker rooms, a store room for bags, Secretariat and a Young People's Club, offers to its guests a friendly restaurant characterized by a large window overviewing the last hole and an excellent cooking made of local dishes.

From the Secretariat, to the course, to the locker rooms, the rule is always merely one: to make visitors feel at home, allowing them to experiment all the zest of this sport.

Actually the peculiarity of the Alpino of Stresa Golf Club is represented by the strong welcome spirit and the sportsmanship of the Club and its players, making the golf day pleasant to all, members and not members!

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A.S.D. Golf Club Alpino di Stresa
Viale Golf Panorama 48, 28839 Vezzo(VB)
Tel.0323 20642 - info@golfalpino.it
P.IVA 01105070039

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