quotas and promotions 2024

2024 dues beginners or never members

Without HCP

Quota entry Price
Neophyte never a Fig member or absent for 10 years
Attendee fee for the driving range,
the first year on promotion includes 6 hours of individual lessons. (*)
€ 350
Quota neophyte Quota locked until hcp acquisition (*) € 750
Neophyte fee if HCP acquired
Effective the following year if the Hcp was acquired.
€ 1. 150
With HCP
First time beekeeping quota
Fee applicable for players who have never been registered with the Alpine
and for those from the Entry quota or absent for 3 years (*)
€ 750
Quota first time alpine second year
Fee applicable for players registered the previous year and for
Those absent for at least 3 years
€ 1. 150
Quota Juniors (under 18) never been carded Fig 0 with HCP not acquired free
With free junior membership, youth academy membership is mandatory
And take courses.


social dues 2024

Full member with facility Price
Fee applicable at the simple request of the associate with at least two years
Of membership in the association or who has enjoyed promotional dues
For at least two years. Entitles you to access all services of the association
(Field – Club House – Practice Field – Bag Shelter)
€ 1. 500
Resident Member
Fee applicable at the simple request of the member with at least
five years of residence in the municipality of Gignese; entitles access to all
the association’s services
€ 1. 050
Alpine Member 10
Fee that allows access to all of the association’s facilities
And ten entries into the course for 18 holes or twenty for 9 holes
€ 950
Alpine Member 2 (clubhouse attendee or absent member) (*)
Fee that allows access to all of the association’s facilities
And two entries for 18 holes or 4 for nine holes
Second circle member
Fee applicable to members of other affiliated and aggregate camps
to the F.I.G. with at least 9 holes
€ 1. 200
Weekday player member
Fee that allows access to all camp and clubhouse facilities
Monday through Friday (do not include holidays)
€ 1. 200
Full member
Fee applicable to members who are not eligible for or have not applied for the subsidized fee;
allows access to all of the association’s services
€ 1. 750


youth quotas

Juniors (Years: 6-11) (*) € 100
Juniors (Years 12 – 18) (*) € 300
Boys (Years 19-24) (*) € 500
Young people (Years 25-30) € 800
Young people (Years 31-35) €1.000

Junior dues deferrable in 2 installments; if combined with dues of other family members, they are deferrable in 4 installments


other services

Cabinet € 100
Golf Car Storage / Recharge € 650
Charging Electric Trolley Battery € 110

Dues are payable in 4 installments, except where specified (*) dues payable in 2 installments