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In 1994, the Italian Golf Federation proclaimed the Alpine Golf Club the winner of the “Seminatore D’Oro” award for having pursued and brilliantly achieved all the objectives that the F.I.G. has indicated for the promotion of golf among young people. It is worth mentioning that in that year Matteo Zaretti won the Italian boys championship and was a member of the Blue Team at the world championships in Paris.

mission of the youth club

The Youth Club is a group of friends who love to have fun and play golf. Therefore, we think that in managing the entire youth movement, we will have to direct and coordinate the activities of the Youth Club so that:

  • Promote fellowship among the younger members of our Circle through the practice of the game of golf;
  • convey the enthusiasm and keen sense of sportsmanship and belonging to the Circle that animates all members of the Stresa Alpine;
  • To develop among the children a spirit of “healthy competition” with the sole goal of “improving and growing together.”
  • train (both technically, but especially character-wise) the champions of tomorrow to maintain the great sports tradition of our Circle in the “local” and national arena.

registration form for group courses

registration form for summer campus

Summer Campus Enrollment Form

Youth Academy Program


– The 2024 program includes: annual group Golf courses, competitions dedicated to both beginners and competitive players, extra Golf fun initiatives, and summer camps.
– The cost of the courses will be 170 euros for the Beginners’ courses and 200 euros for the Pre-Agonistic and Agonistic courses, thus becoming part of the Youth Academy. Beginners enrolled in the Youth Academy are not required to pay the Social fee until they acquire the playing HCP.
– Courses will be held from Wednesday, April 10, and will end with the Youth Club competition scheduled for Saturday, October 19. During the summer term, Summer Camps will be organized concurrently; the activity will end with the competition and end-of-course party scheduled in Competition Calendar.
– All youth Members of the Stresa Alpine Golf Club will be directly part of the Youth Club and will have free access to the competitions dedicated to them.

3 groups of beginner courses

– The Beginners Course is for all Children from 6 years old who are approaching the world of Golf for the first time and are without Hcp.
– Golf equipment will be provided by the Circle.
– Group Classes, which will be divided by the teacher according to need, will be held on Sundays from 10:00 to 11:30 a.m. or 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., or on Wednesdays from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m. (to be arranged with the teacher).
– The goal is to obtain the playing Hcp to then enter the Youth competitions
– Registration fee includes T-shirt with official logo of the Circle Academy and gadgets.

Pre-competitive A and B courses

– Pre Agonistic A course is for all Boys with hcp, will be held on Saturdays at 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm. Pre Agonistic Course B is for all Boys without hcp, will be held on Saturday at 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm
– Boys are required to have greater commitment, determination and willingness essential to increase their level of play; the goal is to acquire or confirm the National Youth Patent, through National Youth Competitions and the They Will Be Famous Circuit. In order to better introduce our boys into the competitive world, nine-hole competitions will be organized at the tail end of the official competition on Sunday, just after the second nine of the calendar race has passed (no additional requests to play at different times will be considered), upon reaching 4 entries. Where our Sponsor Mr. Calini Andrea, will award the team’s best net player with official prize giving at the Calendar competition in the evening.
– The registration fee includes T-shirt with official logo of the Circle Academy, gadgets and during the period of the conduct of the courses, 15 monthly tokens i driving range, to be requested from the Secretariat with a maximum of 5 tokens per day.

Competitive course

– The Competitive Team Course is for Boys who will have matured a level of play that will put them in selection to represent the Circle at the Emilio Pallavicino Youth Team Trophy and subsequently at the National Championships.
– A minimum of 3 outings on other fields will be arranged, dates to be personally determined with the availability of the Master.
– 24 collective hours, at the Master’s discretion.
– The registration fee includes a T-shirt with the official logo of the Circle Academy, gadgets, the club’s official uniform and bag (if any), and during the period of the conduct of the courses, 5 daily driving range tokens, to be obtained from the Secretariat.

Notice is hereby given that to facilitate private junior individual lessons, the teacher will charge a reduced rate.

Single lesson from 6/9 years half an hour 20 euros, 1 hour 35 euros.

Single lesson from 10/18 years half hour 25 euros, 1 hour 40 euros.