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The Stresa Alpine Golf Association boasts the presence of excellent players who, with strong and healthy competitive disposition, participate not only in our Club’s competitions but also in the many regional, national and international championships.

In the A1 category since 1988 with Michele Alessi, Gianni Borroni, Ermanno Bertoletti, Gianni Airaga and Mauro Della Torre, the Circolo Alpino Stresa team, captained by Roberto Della Torre, has achieved prestigious results in the Italian Team Championships from year to year, thanks to the contribution of great players such as Roberto Platini, Teresio Comina, Rodolfo Pesati, Carlo and Matteo Zaretti, now valuable and promising professionals, Gianni Borroni, Tino Cerri and Alessio Alessi.

The Alpine Men’s team has been in A1 category for 27 years, and the two senior Men’s and Women’s teams are always at the top of the National and International rankings